Blessings Alive & Radiant Foods - Quite Cheesy Kale Chips (2.2oz)

Blessings Alive & Radiant Foods - Quite Cheesy Kale Chips (2.2oz)
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Brand: Blessings Alive Radiant Foods
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No time to sit down for a salad? "Kale Krunch" Kale Chips has got you covered. Loaded with Vitamins A, C and K not to mention amino acids, and calcium. Available in four, fabulous flavors!

Hearty, curly kale enveloped in assorted spices, dehydrated to chip~satisfying perfection! We've been offering these at our local farmer's market and folks are wild for them. Get a full serving of greens on the go with "Kale Krunch" Kale Chips!

Ingredients: Kale*, Cashews*, Red Bell Pepper*, Lemon*, Nutritional Yeast, Himalayan Crystal Salt

*indicates organic ingredient

(source: manufacturer)

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Location of Facility Emeryville, CA

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